Joseph Priestley College Update

Local MP, Andrea Jenkyns, has joined forces with concerned parents to seek answers from Leeds City College after its recent announcement of a consultation into the future of the Joseph Priestley Campus in Morley. 

Last week, Andrea met with a large group of parents, carers, and college staff to listen to their concerns and formulate a plan of action. Andrea also offered to meet urgently with representatives of the college to discuss this issue and seek answers to questions raised by parents and concerned residents.

Local parent, Tracey Shaw, said, “As the parent of an autistic daughter that has been offered a place starting this September, it is extremely important that people who make these decisions know the impact of their actions. In a nutshell, with the closure of sixth forms in Morley and a new elitist college created in their place we need an alternative for local kids with/without special needs who simply would not thrive on a big campus.”

Following up on her offer to meet representatives from Leeds City College, Andrea met with Tina Turnbull and Jane Pither from the college on Friday morning. Speaking after the meeting Andrea said, “I was glad to have the chance to raise our concerns directly with Tina and Jane and to ask them some very direct questions about their plans. I was encouraged to hear that the college are actively considering options to retain provision in Morley. It is vitally important that our young people have access to the best possible opportunities locally. 

“I am fighting for the future of Morley’s Joseph Priestley Campus, and to ensure any plans put forward by Leeds City College meet the needs of our community.”