Job losses at CityLink in Morley

Like many people I was shocked and saddened to hear on Christmas day that CityLink went into administration. The fact that the announcement was made on Christmas Day made this all the more shocking, I’m sure it added insult to injury for the workers and their families that were affected.

74 of CityLink’s 2727 employees are based at their depot in Morley, making it one of the town’s larger employers. Many of CityLink’s subcontractors and creditors will have been affected by the company going into administration too, putting more jobs at risk.

I’m assured the government is doing everything it can to help out. Rapid response teams, specialising in finding people alternative employment without the need to claim welfare, are in place to support people being made redundant. It is vital that We will make sure that everyone receives the advice and support they need, and minimise the impact on families and communities.