Dame Andrea Jenkyns MP welcomes boosted housing support from the Government for people across Leeds

  • Andrea Jenkyns MP has welcomed extra support with the cost of housing for households across Leeds, as part of the Government’s targeted cost of living measures to support those most in need. 
  • The Conservative Government is introducing new legislation to Parliament to increase the Local Housing Allowance (LHA), which calculates housing benefits, benefitting 1.6 million low-income households and saving families an average of £800 in 2024-25.
  • This uplift means housing benefits are more representative of current housing costs, helping low-income families with the cost of their rents.

Andrea Jenkyns MP has welcomed new legislation introduced to Parliament providing extra support with the cost of housing for households across Leeds by increasing the Local Housing Allowance.

Having delivered on the priority to halve inflation last year, alongside global economic conditions stabilising, the Government is now able to take the long-term decisions required to strengthen the economy and build a brighter future.

Exceptionally high rents, caused by global inflationary pressures, mean housing support provided to many on the lowest incomes have become out of step with market rates. By raising the Local Housing Allowance rate to the thirtieth percentile of local market rents in April 2024, the Government are supporting over one million families to meet current costs.

Over the next five years, £7 billion will be invested to support 1.6 million private renters on Universal Credit or Housing Benefit across the UK, benefitting households by an average of £800 for 2024-25.

This cost-of-living support is only possible thanks to the long-term, difficult decisions the Government took to get inflation falling and strengthen the economy.

Combined with the Back to Work Plan and other measures announced in the Autumn Statement for Growth 2023, only the Government will deliver a fair welfare system – supporting more people into work while providing a robust safety net to protect people from hardship during difficult economic times.

Commenting, Dame Andrea Jenkyns said:

“This Government has a strong record in supporting those who need help with the cost of living – especially during the continued fight to keep inflation down and tackle higher energy bills. 

“The Government’s decision to increase the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) means people across Leeds will receive greater support with the cost of rent – in line with increased rents across the private sector.”

“This ensures the most vulnerable families across Morley & Outwood are supported.”