Council Hypocrisy in Leeds

New car parking charges coming into effect today in Leeds show how anti-motorist the Labour council is and their hypocrisy in claiming to help people with the cost of living. The new charges for parking in the evening and on Sunday in the city centre are an unnecessary extra burden on motorists and will hit city centre retailers and night life when the Council should be doing everything it can to help the local economy.

The Labour Council were open about the fact that these charges are all about making more money for the Council until they realised this wasn’t legal and now claim they are about traffic management. What they demonstrate is a complete disregard for the impact on motorists’ pockets at a time when people are watching every penny. The charges will deter people from shopping in the city centre or going there to eat and drink just at the busiest time of year in the run up to Christmas. It shows how hollow is Labour’s pretence to promote the local economy, this is in great contrast to Morley who offers free parking.