Letter to the Chancellor regarding Brexit

I have written to the Chancellor seeking clarification regarding whether any more British taxpayers money will be paid to the EU after 29th March 2019 (Brexit day). I will update you when I get a response.

See my letter below: 

Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer
HM Treasury, 
1 Horse Guards Road, 

Dear Chancellor

I am writing to you to ask for clarity regarding the powers afforded to the executive in relation to the United Kingdom’s payments to the European Union once we leave after March 29th 2019.

We currently pay towards the Multiannual Financial Framework ( the budget) of the EU. It is unclear if there will be a deal on Brexit, despite it being Government policy, or if there will be a transition post March 29th. Furthermore it has been mooted in the media that Article 50 negotiations could be extended beyond this date.

Does the Treasury or any other executive branch of government have authority to pay into the EU or its institutions after this date without parliamentary approval via a binding vote?

Does the Government have the power to request and then enact an extension to Article 50 negotiations without parliamentary approval via a binding vote?

What legal advice has the Treasury received regarding its ability to authorise the funding of an extension to Article 50 or a transition period following it, and from where?

Given the advanced state of negotiations with the European Union the United Kingdom must have clarity on these matters that the Finance Bill can enjoy full support.

Best wishes,

Andrea Jenkyns MP