Budget 2014

Budget 2014

This Budget will build a more resilient economy. Working through our plan is the only way to deliver what the British people want – the economic security that comes with a good job and the prospect of a better future for our children.

We believe in being up front with people about the difficult decisions we need to take to tackle our problems. That is why we must not waiver from our long-term economic plan to secure a better future for Britain. 

That plan has delivered economic stability, low mortgage rates for families, and it has laid the foundations for economic recovery. 

The Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget today announced measures that will benefit our local communities;

Investing in our roads
£200million extra money to be spent to repair roads – let’s hope our council’s ensure that they put forward a strong case so that some of that comes to Leeds and Wakefield, which is very much in need of it.  According to today’s Tax Payers Allowance report, the average person will pay £911,308 over their lifetime to fund the public sector. I think that it is about time that our local council raises their game and show that tax-payers money is well spent locally.

Employment at an all-time record high
There was further welcome news from the Chancellor that the number of people in Employment is at an ANOTHER all-time record high and the employment rate of 72.3% is at its highest for 5 years. 94% of the Jobs created in the last year are Full-Time and 9 out of 10 have gone to British people. In Morley & Outwood unemployment is down by nearly 500 people and in the last twelve months 1000 more apprenticeships have been created.

Wages Going Up
At last wages going up more than prices; private-sector earnings up 2.2%; more than inflation at 1.9%. Income inequality is lower under this Government than at any point under Labour.  

Petrol Duty Freeze
There is a freeze on petrol duty – now 20p lower than would have been under Labour’s plans. 

Support for Savers
Osborne announces help for savers – a new merged ISA with a £15k per year limit, savings bonds for pensioners, these changes giving people control. Conservatives’s trust people to make their own decisions about their pension. 
The BBC News Reported; SAVINGS: New “Pensioner Bond”, open to everyone aged 65+, offering “market leading rates”.

Increasing of Tax Free Personal Allowance
There is an increase in personal tax allowance to £10,500 per year, which means a £800 tax cut since 2010.

Income inequality is lower under this Government than at any point under Labour.

Beer, Bingo
Budget 2014: Beer and bingo cheaper, beer down 1p and bingo tax cut by half to 10

Supporting Energy Firms Up North
Help for energy intensive industries including cap on carbon tax. Half of firms that benefit in the north.

Help For Local Theatres
Help for local theatres – 20% tax relief for regional productions . Should bring prices down.

What Britain Deserves
Since inheriting the biggest peace-time deficit in 2010, the government has had to make some difficult decisions, it has been challenging for many. There is still a lot to do, but the long term economic plan shows that we are heading in the right direction. 
Has the time not come for politicians of all parties to actually be prepared to share good news and not talk down Great Britain? We are all on the same side in that we want Britain to succeed. Yes let’s be honest about the areas that still need addressing, but ultimately lets Big-Up Britain, I am British and proud, just as I am Yorkshire and Proud. 

Let’s reflect on the journey we have been through since the 2007 recession, and be thankful that as a country we have come out the other side and there really is light at the end of that proverbial tunnel. 

If our politician’s do not talk up the benefits and achievement of the UK, then how are we going to get other countries to believe in us and attract more inward investment that will further strengthen our economy?

Chancellor; You earned it, You saved it; this government is on your side.