Moor News: Strong Community Spirit in Drighlington

Another fantastic edition of Moor News, the community magazine in Drighlington!

Really strong community spirit, especially in difficult times.

My article from this edition is here:

For this edition of Moor News I want to share my thoughts on opportunities of this New Year. Personally, I am optimistic that 2021 will be a positive year, and that we can all come together and enjoy the great community events here in Drighlington once again.

I am sure I was not alone in thinking that the last year felt a long one. Each and every one of us experienced the same difficulties in a collective way that has probably not occurred since the Second World War. We faced historic challenges with the pandemic and the uncertainty for families, businesses and individuals was extensive. As always in times of trouble, our community sprang into action, delivering food and essentials to the vulnerable and shielding, signing up to support the NHS, and checking on our elderly neighbours. I think this crisis has shown the strong bonds that continue to hold our society together, and I am so proud of our area.

Amid the difficulties caused by the Coronavirus, there is much cause for hope. There was a shared and collective sense of relief at the end of last year when the first signs of a vaccine emerged. A mere eleven months after the first Covid-19 case was documented and the first of several vaccines helped to start immunising people against it. This is a hugely impressive feat of science and I am hopeful that next Christmas will be ‘back to normal’. When there’s a will there’s a way! The priority has been the most vulnerable: those in our care homes and the carers who have worked so hard throughout the year. I know we all look forward to being reunited with friends and relatives.

Having spent so much of the last year socially-distancing, it’s our challenge (when it is safe to do so) to come together as a community. I know that some found lockdown easier than others. If you managed to get ahead and secure a supermarket delivery and had the latest TV series available, many felt lockdown was not too strenuous. But many struggled. To me this proves that we are fundamentally social and want to get back together and on with our lives.

Lots of people missed the opportunity to see friends and family, to shop at the high street, and get to our many pubs and restaurants. And let’s not forget the numerous community groups, churches and other faith groups. There has been a real desire to get back together and I will do everything to support these groups flourish. They have truly been the backbone of local life throughout the last year and I know will they be in 2021.

Let us all hope, and indeed strive to ensure, that 2021 a good year to remember.

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