Why Andrea is voting to trigger Article 50

The EU Referendum Bill from 2015 passed through the House of Commons with a majority of 6 to 1. This Bill entrusted the British public with the final decision on our membership of the European Union, and we decisively voted to Leave on the 23rd of June.

The vote to Leave instructed the government to trigger Article 50. However, a legal process tabled the day after the referendum tried to frustrate the outcome of the referendum and our departure from the EU.

Despite the legal challenge, Andrea is glad the Government remains committed to the end of March Article 50 deadline, as indicated by the Secretary of State in his statement today. Andrea and her colleagues must work to ensure the democratically mandated wish of the British people is met diligently and swiftly.

Andrea will be voting to trigger Article 50 and working towards a brighter, more prosperous and open Britain.