Weekly round up: The week in Westminster and the Constituency

Andrea was privileged to take part in one of the most important British bills in history as she contributed to the EU (notification of withdrawal) bill. Andrea raised the fact that a select committee on exiting the EU has been established, there have been 26 debates in the House and the Prime Minister or the Brexit secretary have given 7 statements on Britain’s relationship with the EU. These facts all indicate the hours of debate that have been available to all members of the house, to present their views and receive responses from Ministers. Andrea suggested members should move on from debate, enact the will of the British people and vote in favour of the bill. Andrea was extremely proud and delighted when she found out her and her colleagues had done exactly that, by a huge margin.

The vote was a decisive moment in British history and Andrea looks forward to seeing negotiations towards future prosperity begin.

Also in Westminster this week, Andrea was delighted to see The Morley Academy get the recognition it deserves at Prime Minister’s Questions. Andrea congratulated them on receiving their fantastic ‘World Class Schools Quality Mark’ award, and she asked the Prime Minister how awards such as these encourage pupil excellence. The Prime Minister was full of praise for The Morley Academy, congratulating the staff on their receipt of a fantastic award. She also highlighted her Government’s desire to improve standards in schools nationwide, so they can all be at the same level as is seen at the Morley Academy.

Andrea also met year 11 students from Rodillian academy this week as they visited Parliament. She took part in a brief question and answer session through which she was asked my opinion on Brexit, Trump and more generally, what it is like being a politician. Andrea felt it was great to meet the engaged students and  she hopes they continue their interest in politics.

On top of the above, Andrea also attended two select committee meetings this week. During Health committee her and her colleagues investigated suicide prevention, and she felt it was brilliant to be able to call on expert witnesses to provide evidence on such a crucial topic. During Brexit committee they were able to question representatives from the Policy Exchange, British Future and a Professor from King’s College London. They investigated the UK’s negotiating objectives as it leaves the EU and the exciting times ahead.