We need an EU referendum

Despite Labours’ blocking techniques, we the Conservatives are determined to give Britain a referendum and a choice about whether we wish to be a part of the EU. I receive many emails, letters and conversations from residents in Morley and Outwood regarding their frustrations of our current relationship with the European Union.

I wholeheartedly share these same concerns. To us the general public, we are outside of the EU bubble, it feels like a one way mirror in which we cannot see the inner workings. What we do see however is a bureaucratic un-transparent system, yes there may be benefits but they are not always clear to see. MP’s have been debating whether we should have an in-out referendum on our relationship with the EU.  It is led by the Conservatives and has had great opposition from the other main parties. Of course we should have one, we Brits deserve to have a voice and the chance to vote on this. 

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