Morley Against Reckless Construction rally

I attended the public rally in Morley regarding the LDF (Local Development Framework) and the proposal to build nearly 8000 homes in the Morley Borough area. I also had the opportunity to address the 200 residents who were objecting to the Leeds City Council’s plans.

I attended the Core Strategy meeting a the Leeds City Council. The meeting occurred as a result of the public unease and the number of representations the city council had received regarding the proposal to build the new homes in our area. I was among about 100 people from Morley who attended – a great turnout – to tell the city council they are not going to sit back and accept what is currently proposed. Many people, including some representing MARC, stood up to put forward their views. I am pleased to have been involved.

Planning issues are not only concerning the residents of Morley but in other areas of the constituency too. I attended the public consultation in the Wakefield Town Hall regarding the proposal to allow a private travellers site. There are also concern regarding a proposal through the Leeds City Council to extend a travellers site onto greenbelt land. Understandably there are many objections to this. Other concerns include the proposed development on Ouchthorpe Lane to which I met with local residents to discuss.