Victory for the Maroons! 

What a great match! 

Final Score: Morley 39 Scarborough 31

I was so pleased to sponsor Morley Rugby Club, a fantastic local team that are now on an 11 game winning streak! 

It was great fun to catch the game alongside local residents, I had some great chats with some members of the crowd but to be honest, we we’re all mainly focused on what was an exciting and fast paced game! 

Fun fact: Despite a lot of Northern towns and villages playing Rugby League, Morley plays Rugby Union. This is because Morley was a member of the Northern Union, however, when the Northern Union clubs broke away from the RFU to form what is now rugby league, the Morley representatives missed the train to Huddersfield as they were still in the pub! 

If anyone has been thinking of going to a game but haven’t made it yet, I fully recommend it!