Andrea Jenkyns MP launches petition on the Animal Welfare Bill!

I have launched a petition to reverse the decision not to proceed with the Animal Welfare Bill. We wish for the Government to reverse its decision to scrap the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill. The Bill was introduced by the Government and was supported through its second Reading and Committee Stage. This petition calls on the Government to reverse its decisions not to proceed with this Bill, and to take it through Parliament to become law. Even though there were just 5 more hours needed in the Commons to pass this bill before it went to the Lords. 

The Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill – set out a series of ambitious measures for the protection of animals. The welfare provisions in the bill of vital measures, such as mechanisms to reduce puppy smuggling, prohibit the import of dogs with cropped ears, and review zoo standards to ensure more animals are protected under the scope of UK Law.

As you may know I am a massive animal lover and have been campaigning for many years on animal welfare. Now, I’m extremely disappointed to hear in the last couple of days that the Government is dropping the Animal Welfare Bill. Now I don’t want to see this happen, so if you could please sign my petition. I need 100,000 signatures to get this debated in Parliament, after all animals matters! “ 

The Bill was designed to enhance protections for kept animals in England and Wales. Kept animals includes farm animals, companion animals, and kept wild animals (primates, zoo animals). 

These protections are set out in a number of key areas;

– Companion Animals and Puppy Smuggling 

– Ear-cropping 

–  Live exports   

– Keeping primates as pets

– Livestock worrying

– Zoos