Transport Minister visits Morley

Transport Minister visit to Morley & Outwood.

Prospective parliamentary candidate Andrea Jenkyns invited Transport Minister Robert Goodwill to visit a local business today to discuss the barriers that some local firms face due to European legislation. 
Truck Roofs in Gelderd Road, Morley; buy and sell aluminium products and also convert this to produce aluminium truck roofs was started in 1977 by 3 local people and now employ more than 30 staff.  
The Minister and Miss Jenkyns were greeted by Director John Kenworthy who discussed the business and had a tour of the factory.   Later Andrea Jenkyns and Robert Goodwill had a one-to-one to discuss highways and road concerns in the area and the issue of lack of disabled access at Morley Station.

Miss Jenkyns said; ‘I invited Robert Goodwill as speaking to Mr kenworthy I understood his deep concerns about the various laws in the EU which he has to abide by that it is effecting him growing the business as fast as he would like because of too much red tape. As someone who also gets frustrated with the bureaucracy of the European Union; I wanted to take his concerns up to ministerial level and considering that Robert Goodwill had previously being an MEP, I knew he was the right person to take this forward. The business is growing despite such obstacles and is currently taking on new staff to cope with new orders. I would like to thank the Minister for coming to the area today and to Truck Roofs for their time.’

Robert Goodwill said; ‘I understand the challenges facing British businesses due to the red-tape of the European Union legislation.  Mr Kenworthy has high-lighted an important point and I will take this up personally with the relevant department, as such legislation can really impact on businesses especially considering that it can added several thousands of pounds onto production costs.

I also discussed with Miss Jenkyns the situation regarding potholes in the constituency, and she welcomed the news that the Leeds City Council will be getting over £1.5 million and Wakefield Metropolitan Council over £600,000 extra funding for pothole and road repairs. This is the greatest investment in roads since the 1970’s’.