On Sunday I attended the Remembrance service in Morley. There were hundreds of people who lined the streets as the march proceeded through the high street towards the cenotaph.  It was so poignant and moving; I was particularly moved by a young teenager who laid a wreath who had tears in their eyes. They had clearly lost someone close. It made it even more real and shows that even today war continues to spread it’s destructive hand on those around us. I got chatting with a gentleman and his son, both were veterans, his son was blown-up but survived in Iraq. 

I then had the honour of talking with a 93 year old veteran who fought in WW2, and how he ended up in a Prisoner of War camp in Poland.  We need to capture these stories, as it won’t be long until there is no one left to tell them.  God Bless to all who fought to allow us all freedom today and to those who continue to fight, and to their families. May we never forget the sacrifices that they made.