Morley and Outwood Pothole Patrol is launched

A Daily Struggle

At times we all take the simple things for granted, from popping to the local shops to get our groceries, or nipping down the road to post a letter.  

Last week Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Andrea Jenkyns spoke on the telephone with a lady who lives in Outwood. The lady explained how her trip to the nearby shop and to the church on a Sunday was proving to be very difficult.  Mrs Patricia Waite relies on a motorised scooter to aid her on her daily trips and she explained how the poor state of the pavements is proving to be a real challenge for her. 

Andrea said, “I wanted to get an understanding of how difficult things really are for a large number of pedestrians. And so today I spent over an hour with Mrs Waite as she took one of her daily trips on her scooter.  As we went along the path I began to notice hazards such as vehicles parking on pavements; which Mrs Waite tells me is a common occurrence.  The pavements are broken up in many places and there are deep pot holes.  It really is an obstacle course as Mrs Waite tries to manoeuvre around the car and as she moves along the pavement in her scooter’. 

Andrea also spoke with another lady earlier this week who told her that 16 months ago she tripped over a pavement and was hospitalised, disgracefully today those pavements have still not been repaired. 

Miss Jenkyns declared that, ‘both of these situations are unacceptable, the local council have increased council tax and we need to ensure that our money is better spent on issues that really matter to local people.  Last week Conservative Chancellor George Osborne announced that an extra £200 million is available to be spent on our roads.  I personally want to ensure that some of this money comes to our area that is why I am launching Pothole Patrol’.

The aim of Morley and Outwood Pothole Patrol’, is to bring awareness and highlight problem roads in the area to the local councils. The council has a duty to maintain the highway and keep it in a safe condition, so this is a great opportunity to tell us about the worst roads in Morley and Outwood. And we will ensure that these are highlighted to the council’’