Daily Politics Show

Daily Politics Show

It was an honour to have been invited to be a guest on the BBC Daily Politcs Show.
I got the train down to London and went into the BBC studio’s for the first time. I was on with a Labour Candidate who was formerly a BBC Reporter, a really nice lady and we chatted for a while back stange and also with a Lib-Dem former MP. I was rather nervous as it was my first time appearing on a national television programme as a parliamentary candidate.  The topics discussed were; why we want to become an MP, the British Commonwealth and the Royal Family. MP’s and Expenses and also the Economy.

My reasons for wanting to become your MP are because having had a life outside politics, and been involved in charity since my teens. I decided in my mid-thirties to stand for local government as a councillor as I had always been a person who was a fiesty northern lass who stood up for what I believed in, had lots of compassion and even though it may sound cliche I wanted to be a voice for those who needed support.  I loved my four years of being a councillor and always preferred to be in the community than grand-standing in the chamber.  I soon learnt that most of the decision were made in committees and not in the council chamber.  A major influence was also when I lost my Dad in a Yorkshire hospital from MRSA, I turned the grief into action and threw myself into becoming a Trustee and regional voluntary rep for the chariy MRSA Action UK, the next natural step was to stand as a parliamentary candidate and to get into a postition where hopefully I could really make a difference and help improve peoples lives for the better.  I was selected in April last year and it has been a tremendous journey so far, and it is great to be standing in an area I know well.

I would like to thank all on the show for being so welcoming.