Andrea’s response to the Christmas flooding

Residents in Morley and Outwood were lucky to avoid the worst of the flooding which hit the North of England over the festive period, and continues to blight other parts of the United Kingdom.

Andrea toured the constituency to see areas that had been affected. Luckily, the flood plains did their job and absorbed the majority of the floodwater.

Andrea’s team are monitoring the situation and stand ready to help anyone affected.

Speaking after her tour, Andrea said:

“The recent flooding in Yorkshire and Cumbria is a terrible blow to the North, seeing parts of York under water when I had only visited the week before to do some Christmas shopping was a shock. 

“Closer to home, parts of Wakefield and Leeds have suffered terrible flood damage, I am moved by the images of local people in these areas and across the North of England who have spent their Christmas helping with rescue and clean up during what is a devastating time for many.

“I have spent time in the constituency inspecting the flooding, areas affected the most are Stanley and Stanley Ferry where fortunately the fields have taken most of the water. I have discussed this with Elizabeth Truss Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.”

Responding to the floods across the country, Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“I have seen at first-hand the devastation caused by flooding. And that’s why this work to repair and improve flood defences is so vital.

We are already spending £280m over the next 6 years to protect thousands of houses from flooding in Yorkshire as part of our £2.3bn investment to protect 300,000 houses across the country.

But now more than £40m will be spent to fix those defences overwhelmed by the record rainfall we’ve seen in recent weeks and to make them more resilient to further bad weather.”