Andrea questions new heads of NHS Improvement

Andrea today questioned the new Chair and Chief Executive of NHS Improvement as part of the Health Select Committee’s post-appointment hearing.

Andrea, who is also Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Patient Safety, questioned Chair Ed Smith CBE and Chief Executive Jim Mackey on foundation trusts, patient safety and safeguards for whistleblowers.

NHS Improvement has a wide brief and is one of a myriad of organisations that monitors and supports the NHS. Jim Mackey noted that they have a significant role in ensuring patient safety, while Mr Smith discussed requirements around foundation trusts.

Andrea pushed for clarity from both witnesses, moving the discussion on from simply talk of services and processes to how the organisation seeks to implement its key aims.

She also sought assurances that more would be done to protect whistleblowers. Both witnesses emphasised their own strong views on protecting whistleblowers and agreed that there should be adequate safeguards in place for people seeking to report incidents of poor practice or breaches.

The Health Select Committee meets once a week. Business for the next session is announced on the Committee’s website