Andrea Jenkyns MP: New Amazon warehouse brings jobs to Wakefield

In the past few days, Amazon have decided to push ahead with their ambitious proposal to open a brand-new warehouse facility in Stanley, bringing with it a whole host of career and investment opportunities for local residents.

Amazon now joins a rich and diverse community of great multi-national corporations that have also made Outwood their home. The decision to hire local talent represents not just a significant cash injection into towns and villages throughout West Yorkshire, but also a massive vote of confidence in the skillset and work-ethic of the people of Outwood.

Over the past decade, the labour market has changed, with greater emphasis on technical and vocational training. I am therefore delighted that proactive employers like Amazon are making direct investments into our local workforce, ensuring that Outwood, and all of West Yorkshire, goes from strength to strength in the digital age.

As Minster for Skills, I am encouraged by Amazon’s investment of £10 million over the next three years to train and upskill its workforce across the UK. The avenues of career support, professional development and vocational training are diverse, offering young career starters or those simply looking for a change, numerous pathways into occupations and opportunities that they never knew existed. 

Offering various employment and apprenticeship schemes, Amazon are far ahead of the curve, providing tuition fee support and tailored practical training for those looking to pick up essential life-long skills. With 500 courses, virtual training sessions, and numerous free webinars, there is seemingly no end to the number of accredited qualifications that you can gain, and take forward with you on your career journey.

Just last month, I hosted my own Jobs Roadshow for constituents. Working closely with local stakeholders and employers, my office embarked on an ambitious project to bring local jobs to local job seekers by showcasing all current and upcoming vacancies close to home.

This Jobs Roadshow was just one leg of my new quarterly Jobs Roadshow, which aims to extend full-time and part-time job opportunities, and training schemes, to jobseekers right across the constituency. I was joined by a wide range of employers, spanning across every sector of our local economy. With a vast array of positions available, jobseekers had the choice of numerous professions, across hospitality, retail, construction, the health and social care and public sectors.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with such enthusiastic local employers, I look forward to working with them at future Jobs Roadshows, and particularly with Amazon, to match our home-grown talent directly with their thriving team in Stanley.

What this expansion demonstrates, is that regardless of geographical circumstance, opportunities for career advancement and development are present in every community throughout Morley and Outwood.