Andrea forecasts bright future for Gibraltar outside the EU

Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate today on the Effect of the EU Referendum on Gibraltar, Andrea emphasised the opportunities that are available to the area as Britain prepares to Leave the EU. 

In the referendum last month the people of Gibraltar voted by a large majority to Remain inside the EU, while the United Kingdom as a whole voted to Leave. Andrea led the Leave campaign in Yorkshire and was keen to stress the potential benefits to Gibraltar of leaving the bloc and looking ahead to striking new deals with the rest of the world.

She gave the example of Morocco, a booming African economy and close partner to Britain. She said:

“Over the last decade, Morocco has significantly liberalised its trade regime and strengthened its financial sector. The Casablanca Stock Exchange is the second largest in Africa and aspires to be the regional hub.

“With Gibraltar’s strong financial sector, a well negotiated treaty with Morocco could boost both Gibraltar and Morocco’s economy.”

She also praised the Prime Minister for creating the Department for International Trade to spearhead such negotiations.

She emphasised the will of the people of Gibraltar to remain British and emphasised the fact that any deal must be reached with all parts of the United Kingdom, ending her speech by saying:

“There is a lot to be positive about for Gibraltar outside the EU. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store.”

Speaking after the debate Andrea said:

“I’m delighted I had the chance to help put the minds of the people of Gibraltar at rest and talk about the fantastic opportunities leaving the EU can bring.

“I will be visiting the Rock later this year and I’m really excited to speak to the people of Gibraltar and hear their views.”