Transport Minister Visit

We kick started the week off with a visit from the Transport Minister Robert Goodwill.
I invited him several weeks ago as I was aware of the improvements that are needed to Morley Station. Robert is very passionate about his role and a fellow down to earth Yorkshire man.

We discussed the need of a ticket machine, especially when considering on the short journeys there is not always time for the ticket inspector to get around to issuing tickets to all passengers; which can mean queuing at Leeds Station after the journey to buy one.  Car parking facilities and disabled access also featured highly in our discussions. I would like to thank Robert and also Terry for coming along to meet the minister to discuss concerns.

Jim Aveyard from MARC (Morley Against Reckless Construction) also attended as this was a good opportunity to meet with the minister to discuss the infrastructure and transport concerns regarding the councils LDF (Local Development Framework), Robert was very understanding and described it as ‘I before E’ it should be infrastructure before Expansion.  I could not have put it better myself.