Silcoates School visit Parliament

Through a visit organised by Andrea, 41 year 6 pupils from Silcoates School visited the Houses of Parliament to learn about the history of the building and Britain’s political past.

Head teacher of Silcoates Junior School Andrian Boyer was also part of the visit and he commented on the day, stating:

“It was an unbelievable experience for the children involved and all have spoken about this being a highlight of their visit to London.

“The journey around the buildings proved extremely informative and to have the opportunity to stand in the footprints of so many great and influential people was an experience no one will ever forget. Indeed many children spoke about making it all the way to Parliament in their future careers!”

Andrea also commented on the visit, stating:

“I love being able to organize visits to Parliament for school pupils as they are able to see the history of Britain’s political past first-hand.

“I am delighted that the pupils enjoyed the afternoon and it is amazing that some of them are already thinking about their political futures.

“I hope they have a fantastic end to their term and I look forward to welcoming more students again next year!”