Protect Our Veterans Letter

Andrea Jenkyns MP has signed a letter to the Prime Minister, calling on her to end the witch-hunt of our veterans who gave their service to our country in Northern Ireland. 

The letter, that is signed by over 150 MPs and peers, was delivered to Downing Street by a number of Parliamentarians with military experience themselves, urges the Prime Minister to ensure ‘lasting legal protection for our Armed Services and Security Personnel, wherever and whenever they served’. 

Additionally, it calls for the Secretary of State for Defence, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, and the Attorney General to find a lasting solution to this issue. A large number of veterans who served in Northern Ireland who have already been investigated and cleared of wrongdoing are finding themselves being reinvestigated over actions that occurred decades prior. Many of these veterans involved have dementia, other serious illnesses, or are in their 80s.  

Andrea said: 

“As we approach the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One, and we remember the sacrifices of our Armed Forces during that terrible conflict, we must also remember those who still protect us today. 

It is abhorrent that veterans who served our country and put themselves in harm’s way to protect us are finding themselves being reinvestigated for incidents for which they were cleared of wrongdoing at the time. We must defend and protect those who defended and protected us, whether that be those who served in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other conflict. There should be protections in place for our veterans to combat unscrupulous investigations and that covers the whole United Kingdom.”