Position statement – Fox Hunting

Over the last few days several constituents have written to me asking about my position on hunting. I would like to be clear, I will never support fox hunting.

As a dog owner and advocate for animal rights, at the last General Election I made a promise to vote against any legislation to repeal the Hunting Act. I make the same promise to you at this General Election. The reintroduction of fox hunting is unnecessary and unwanted by the people I speak to locally.

But don’t judge me on my word, judge me on my actions. This is not a new position and since 2015 I have had numerous meetings with animal rights groups including The League Against Cruel Sports. I have also hosted a number of events in Parliament. For example, I was joined by animal rights campaigner, Dr Brian May, at a reception during which we both spoke out against any return of fox hunting. I also held a parliamentary briefing session with Blue Fox, a group of Conservative MPs who, like me, are completely against the idea of fox hunting.

You can see these here:

I have also spoken out regarding the decline in badger numbers and I’ve had numerous meetings regarding the disturbing increase in puppy farming.

If re-elected, I will continue to be a passionate voice for animal welfare in Parliament.