Planning Minister meets three local resident action groups

Planning Minister Meets Local Community Activists to Discuss Planning Concerns

Andrea Jenkyns invited the Planning Minister up to our area to meet with three local resident action groups to discuss our planning concerns. Nick Boles could not comment on individual cases due to his position, but was very helpful in advising on what the planning guidance was.

Those Present included;

MARC Group; Andrea and MARC discussed the issues of McDonalds repeated planning applications for a site at Tingley, also the proposed travellers site near Morley train station.

Lofthouse Planning Action Group; discussed proposed greenbelt land site in Lofthouse and the need to substitute with brownfield,

 Friends of Newton Hill; disucssed the proposed development on Ouchethorpe Lane/Hatfield View where an access road is proposed to go through a greenbelt site, which is the only greenbelt site in WF1. I attended the planning meeting to support the group last Friday and  we were pleased that it was rejected.

 Andrea Jenkyns; “I get a lot of case work each week and over the last year a common issue throughout the constituency is concerns regarding planning; especially on our greenbelt land.  I arranged for Planning Minister Nick Boles to come up and meet three local community action groups to discuss their concerns and seek advice on planning policy.  This is the second meeting in the last year we have had with Mr Boles and I am grateful for his support. I am also in awe of the great work and committment of the local residents who are standing up and getting their voice heard. The truly deserve much support”.

 Ernie Lowe (Friends of Newton Hill) said; “Thank you so much to Andrea Jenkyns for including us in your meeting with Nick Boles, I was immensley impressed with his ability to grasp the issues and articluate suggestion, Nick had a very easy manner and I felt had a genuine interest”.

 Dave Paul (MARC Group) said: “Once again a very infomative meting with MP and Minister Nick Boles and we must thank Andrea Jenkyns for alll her help and support in getting this meeting arranged”.

On the decision of the planning meeting to refuse the Miller Homes application, Andrea Jenkyns commented;
“I attended the planning meeting in support of the Friends of Newton Hill Group. I am delighted with the decision of the Planning committee to reject the application, and I am in awe of all the great work the residents and Friends of Newton Hill have done; they have work long and hard and really worked to get to grips with the planning legislation which is often a minefield.”