Column: Constituency round-up

It’s been a productive couple of weeks in the constituency. This is nowhere more evident than in our brilliant local businesses.

Andrea adds her name to Brexit letter

Andrea, along with 60 of her colleagues, added her name to a letter to Theresa May calling for a clean break with the EU after Brexit.

Andrea pledges support to ban electronic dog collars

Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity yesterday (Tuesday 20th February) launched its #ShockinglyLegal campaign to help urge the Government to ban the sale of electronic shock collars.

Column: Westminster Update

This week in Westminster I was glad to hear Downing Street announce that after Brexit we will be leaving the customs union. To those of you who followed the Brexit referendum and heard the Prime Minister’s 2017 Lancaster House speech this news will not come as a surprise.

Column: Constituency round-up

It was another busy week in Morley & Outwood this week. It started with me meeting Community Engagement Officer for Guide Dogs, Debbie Linford and her team, to carry out a blindfolded walk through Morley.

COLUMN: Westminster Update

It has been a busy week at home and at Westminster.

My nine-month-old son, Clifford, has learnt to crawl, which is amazing and I am very proud of him, but if you look away for a just a second he is off like a rocket!