Morley Town Hall Meeting

I attended the meeting at Morley Town Hall on Monday evening regarding the proposed travellers site on Valley Road.

Morecombe & Wise

The show was both brilliant, funny and yet had the ability to move you to tears.  It was a one-man show in which you were taken through the journey of his Morecombe’s life; from childhood, to meeting Ernie Wise, the up’s and downs of their career through to his death.

NCM visit

I visited the Nation Coal Mining museum yesterday and met with the Museum Director Margaret Faull. Margaret has been involed with the NCM for decades and she is very inspirational and her enthusiasm and passion for what she does, really shines through and is quite contagious

Wakefield Express Column

Politically Speaking
Actions Speak Louder Than WordsI welcome the government’s announcement this week regarding the £50 Million GP Access Fund. It is about time that people are able consult their GP’s outside of working hours; it can be a real challenge to juggle work and family commitments and these reforms will better fit into people’s lives, and take the strain off hospitals.

Daily Politics Show

It was an honour to have been invited to be a guest on the BBC Daily Politcs Show.

Morley and Outwood Pothole Patrol is launched

The aim of Morley and Outwood Pothole Patrol’, is to bring awareness and highlight problem roads in the area to the local councils. The council has a duty to maintain the highway and keep it in a safe condition, so this is a great opportunity to tell us about the worst roads in Morley and Outwood. And we will ensure that these are highlighted to the council’’