Andrea Supports Increased Animal Rights Post-Brexit

As many residents will already know, I care deeply about animal welfare and protections.

I was very happy, therefore, to support the coalition campaign that is calling for the Government to bring forward legislation that recognises animal sentience in law. 

Andrea: Music Can Help Mental Health

Today I attended a great session of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Music, covering the benefits of music taught in schools, and how music can help mental health and wellbeing of young people.

Andrea Welcomes Mental Health Help For Young People

Earlier this month I visited Morley Newlands Primary during Children's Mental Health week.

It was inspiring to see the work that charities like Place2Be are doing to introduce mental health awareness and support for young people in schools.

Andrea asks about financial support for disabled people

During an urgent question about Employment & Support Allowance underpayments, Andrea asked the minister: What financial support is available for disabled people who incur costs relation to their condition what welfare payments are not designed to meet?

Andrea praises two local tradesmen who helped the police find a thief

Spencer and his business partner Paul from Morley and Outwood, set up the ‘Van and Tool Theft Awareness group’ on Facebook after being victims of tool theft from their vans.

Through their hard work they were able to track down one of these thieves who is now severing 7 years in prison.

Yorkshire Post: The True Cost of Medication Errors

Patient safety is an issue very close to my heart, having lost my father to MRSA due to poor care and lack of cleanliness within the hospital setting after a routine operation to treat a lung infection.