Andrea Marks Brexit Vote

Four years since our historic vote for freedom and democracy!

It feels great today to know the UK is finally no longer a member of the EU, and we will not be extending the transition period. Brexit: Delivered

Andrea asks the PM about the rule of law

Today during PMQs in the virtual Chamber, I asked the Prime Minister what will he do to carry out the rule of law and uphold British values following the disgraceful facts of the last weeks, with thugs defacing national monuments to Churchill and Queen Victoria and offending the memory of PC Keit

Shops Open Today- Support Our High Street!



Support your local high street safely today!

Shops are able to reopen their doors in England, in the next step in our careful easing of lockdown – provided they are meeting robust safety guidelines, keeping staff and customers safe as we get our economy moving again.

Andrea Writes to Police & Crime Commissioner

I have today written to Mark Burns-Williamson, the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, to raise my concerns about valdalism aimed at statues in our local area. 

Non Essential Shops to Re-Open

Non-essential shops in England will be able to reopen on 15 June, as long as they are COVID-19 secure.

This includes zoos which will help to keep important conservation efforts driving forward. 

Andrea chairs a webinar on the UK's music sector

This morning, I chaired a webinar organised by the Westminster Media Forum, titled "The UK's Music sector - copyright and policy developments, education and careers, investment and live music, and future trading relationships." This policy conference was due to take place in London, but because o

Places of Worship to reopen

From 15 June, places of worship will be able to reopen for individual prayer.

Faith and prayer are sources of solace and comfort for millions of people in these uncertain times.

Good News: Eviction Suspension Extended

I am pleased that the Government are suspending evictions from social & private rented accommodation by a further two months.

Eviction hearings will not be heard in courts until the end of August and no-one will be evicted from their home this summer due to coronavirus.