Andrea Celebrates Yorkshire Day

Happy Yorkshire Day to everyone in Morley & Outwood, and across God's own county!

Great to see the Yorkshire flag flying proudly from Morley Town Hall


Andrea Welcomes DWP Neuroinclusion Commitments

During my recent visit to Coca Cola in our area, which you can read more about: here, I heard more about the fantastic work they are doing and the increased investment.

Success: Andrea Welcomes Health Minister's EDS Awareness

In March 2018, I held my Health Fair in Morley Town Hall, at which a wide variety of stall holders offered help and support to local residents. You can read more about my Health Fair, and EDS, on my website here: CLICK ME 

Yorkshire Evening Post: Education Is Vital For Social Mobility

As you may know, education is very important to me. As a Conservative I believe that education is the key to social mobility, something that is close to my heart as the daughter of a lorry driver who started work aged 16 in Greggs bakery.

Andrea holds July Memory Cafe

Glad everyone enjoyed my monthly Memory Cafe in Outwood, the singing, and the bingo!


Join us next month for more fun in this friendly environment

Andrea Visits Morley Leisure Centre

Great to visit Morley Leisure Centre today and speak to the fantastic manager, Steve. Morley has the busiest centre in Leeds and is at full capacity! I'm looking forward to bringing Clifford back soon for a swim