Protection of Animals Post-Brexit Laws: Passed

Today, I had a committee meeting that passed legislation to enshrine into UK law, the protection of our wildlife post-Brexit.

As an animal welfare advocate I was pleased we were able to make this positive step.

I can't wait for when all our laws are made here in Britain! 

Morley Ob: Healthier and Happier Lives

In 2011, my father went into our local hospital for a routine operation. Whilst there, he contracted the superbug MRSA and died. This ignited a passion in me to fight to improve the NHS and healthcare for all.

Constituency Round Up (4.3.19)

I’ve enjoyed another fantastic and fast paced few days, back home in our local area.

On Friday, I hosted another of my regular Memory Cafes, and was overjoyed with the record attendance of over 30 residents.