Andrea Attends Drighlington Gala

Another fantastic Drighlington Gala this year! It was great to catch up with residents & buy Clifford a few things.

It's always sunny at the Drig Gala!

Thanks to all involved in organising, hope everyone had a brilliant day

Andrea Holds SuperMarket Surgery

Really enjoyed my Supermarket Surgery in Morley ASDA!

Hearing the views of local people is so important & I'm always here to help with any issues.

Moor News: Supporting Local Charities

Another great edition of Drighlington's community magazine, Moor News. I was happy to write an article about supporting local charities!

Lane Side Farm Objection Letter

As residents will know, I strongly oppose the development at Lane Side Farm in Churwell. 

Alongside the local independents and residents, I have for many years objected to Labour's high housing target and the poorly thought out developments that it has caused. 

Andrea Attends Arthritis Event

I was pleased to attend Versus Arthritis event for the release of their 'Work it Out' report.

The Access to Work scheme can make a vital difference for those suffering from Arthritis in supporting people in the workplace.

Andrea Supports Unlocking Potential Event

So inspirational to meet Woodkirk Academy students and Yorkshire rugby legend Paul Broadbent at the AQA and Dame Kelly Holmes Trust's Unlocking Potential Event. 

 The program pairs athletes and students to nurture confidence and to relieve stress during exams sessions.

Andrea Supports Adoption UK Charity

This morning I attended the launch of the Adoption Barometer by Adoption UK.

Adoptive parents are so important to vulnerable children and help give them a good start in life.