Andrea Welcomes Local Support from Government

Government support in Morley & Outwood has helped to protect jobs and local businesses

During my recent visits to local employers I have been pleased to hear that these packages have been helpful!



Andrea Sees COVID Vaccine Research in Leeds

Really great visit to St James's Hospital in Leeds this afternoon to catch up with the brilliant team, discuss local NHS preparedness, and hear more about the amazing research being done here - including on the Coronavirus!

Andrea Visits Morley Glass

Fantastic to visit Morley Glass today and see the great energy behind this innovative local business!

Very interesting to hear all about the charity and sustainability work that happens here!

Andrea Raises Local Views with Prime Minister

Great zoom call with the Prime Minister Boris Johnson this morning to raise the views of local people, with a little help from Clifford!

Thank you to Trudy Harrison & Alex burghart for organising this meeting. 

Andrea Praises Increased Police Numbers


Great news for cracking down on crime as recent figures show the largest annual increase in officer numbers since 2003-04.

I very much welcome the additional 222 officers in West Yorkshire since September, and the fact that Police pay rising by 2.5% this year! 

Andrea Thanks Troops at Local Covid Test Centre

Proud of our troops who have been helping to test people for Coronavirus in Morley during this difficult time

Glad I got the opportunity to chat with some today & express our area's gratitude!