Year 5 Pupils Write to Andrea

I have recently received some letters from Year 5 Pupils who attend Asquith Primary School, in Morley. 

These pupils have become very passionate about making a difference to homeless and stray dogs, as residents will likely know I am passionate about Animal Rights and share their concerns. 

The children have written to me to outline their shock and concern regarding the way council pounds can destroy stray dogs after only seven days

I was pleased to hear from their teacher that the pupils were impressed by my animal rights campaigns and enjoyed watching my speech about illegal puppy imports. You can see this speech, here

I was appalled to read about the “seven-day policy” at the local pound, and I would like to hear more about this from the students; who have offered to lend their voices to a campaign to change this policy. I would be delighted to visit Asquith school and meet with the pupils to talk about animal welfare, our area and to answer any questions the pupils might want to ask. I have invited their teacher to write to my office, and we will find an appropriate date once the students are back from the Easter Break.

I have attached copies of these fantastic letters below: