Why I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister

I know my constituents want to see a truly global Britain, where we can trade freely with the rest of the world and finally be free of interference from European Union. The people of Morley and Outwood voted to take back control of our borders, laws and money and I will do all I can to ensure that their voices are heard in Westminster and in Brussels during this important stage in the Brexit negotiations.

Over the past few weeks, you will have no doubt heard the rumblings coming from Westminster that Brexit could be delayed, watered down or even reversed. This is why my colleagues and I have decided to write to the Prime Minister demanding that the promises made to the British people at the referendum and subsequently will be kept. 

I have listened to my constituents and they tell we need to leave on time without any extension to the two-year Article 50 process. Any extension will only delay our vision of Britain making its own way in the world.
The government needs to act now to ensure that we get the right kind of Brexit and that the British people are not sold out by those who want to keep us shackled to Brussels. 

I made a promise at the 2015 election to fight for a referendum - a promise that I kept. I subsequently promised at the 2017 election to fight and ensure we obtain the right kind of Brexit and I will continue to do this in Westminster. 

Brexit is about our country’s long-term economic future and it is vital that we get the right kind of Brexit for our children’s future. I promise to continue to be a robust voice for Brexit in parliament ensuring that the voice of people in Morley and Outwood is heard.


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