'White Bear' Development Rejected

I am pleased that the Council has rejected the planning application at the 'White Bear' site in Tingley. 

Alongside residents, I opposed the proposed development application. A number of people that live near the site approached me to voice their concerns about the impact of the proposed development and I wrote to the Planning Department at Leeds City Council to support residents and formally express my opposition to the plans.

The application would bring further congestion to an already busy area, increase pollution in the area both initially due to the works, and subsequently by the increased number of vehicles travelling through the residential area. Additionally, the plan proposed the removal of more than 50% of the trees that currently exist on the land, further impacting the atmospheric pollution from the site. 

Planning applications on this site is one of the most important issues to the residents of Dewsbury Road and the surrounding areas, with many objecting to this proposal for a wide range of reasons, and I am pleased the concerns residents have expressed have been taken into account.

Please find below my full letter to the council:

Letter 1   

 Letter 2   Letter 3