Westminster Roundup (22.3.19)

Hello and welcome back to my Westminster roundup where I keep you updated with all the business happenings in Parliament.

On Monday this week, during Work and Pension questions, I raised the concerns of a local mother and her experience with the Child Maintenance Service. This constituent recently came to me with a complaint about the lack of financial support she was receiving from the father of her children. The woman’s ex-partner is not in work, but he receives a considerable income from several properties he owns; however, this income is not considered by the Child Maintenance Service when it comes to calculating the maintenance his children.

This situation didn’t seem fair to me, so I have asked the Minister to look into this issue and to make sure that the Child Maintenance Service does not focus only on salaries, but also other forms of income to guarantee fair support for parents and children.

This week I also spoke in a debate singed by over 1,300 constituents regarding the ISIS bride. It is my strong opinion that terrorists should have their citizenship revoked. I firmly believe that those who are enemies of our country should not be allowed back into our country. The government has a duty to keep its people safe and therefore we should not be allowing terrorist traitors back into the UK. Serious actions have serious consequences and this important step will send a strong message to those contemplating betraying our country and endangering our families.

In economic news, I was glad to see that borrowing in the UK is down to its lowest level for 17 years. It is important to get our country’s debt levels lower and this data shows that our economy is strengthening. Moreover, employment at a record high. We now have a higher employment rate than America, Canada, France or Italy. This data shows why it is so important to keep our house in order and I couldn’t be prouder of our successful local employers.

Finally, this week I wrote to the Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office regarding the terrible treatment of animals being kept in Rafah Zoo, Gaza. The zoo in Rafah made horrific headlines earlier this year after four lion cubs froze to death in January, then only weeks later, shocking footage of a lioness being declawed with garden shears went around the globe. I am very pleased to announce that thanks to the international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS over 40 animals from Gaza's oldest and most notorious zoo will be rescued at the end of March.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and as always in you have anything you would like to raise with me as MP for Morley and Outwood please don’t hesitate to contact me. My contact details are andrea.jenkyns.mp@parliament.uk or please call me on either 0113 345 0380 or 01924 695 655.