Success: Ouchthorpe Lane development Cancelled

Ouchthorpe Lane development cancelled following Andrea Jenkyns MP’s successful campaign with local residents

Andrea Jenkyns MP has joined residents in successfully opposing a proposed development on green belt land off Ouchthorpe Lane.

Following a successful campaign launched by the Morley and Outwood MP and local residents, which included a petition with 644 signatures, Wakefield District Council has decided not to include this project in its Draft Initial Plan.

The plan submitted by developers included 500 dwellings in the last greenbelt area within the WF1 postcode, which currently is an arable field and one of the few green spaces left in Outwood.

Mrs Jenkyns MP campaigned against a similar plan alongside Wrenthorpe residents and Cllr Nic Stansby. The planning proposals for 1,250 new houses in Wrenthorpe’s protected green belt have not been included in the Draft Initial Plan. Some houses would have been built near Jerry Clay Lane, exacerbating the flood risk and the development would have threatened the Rhubarb triangle.

Mrs Jenkyns MP said “Building the houses we need is important but preserving our Green belt and standards of living is fundamental. I am glad that, with the help of residents, we have successfully preserved the green fields that make our countryside so beautiful. Brownfield and redevelopments must be prioritised and I am glad that the Draft Initial Plan seems to be going in this direction.”

Ernie Lowe, local resident and campaigner said: “I am happy that WMDC have recognised the importance of retaining the existing Green Belt between Wakefield City and Outwood/Stanley. Local residents are grateful for the support we have received from both our MP, Andrea Jenkins, and our Ward councillors in successfully making this case to the Council and trust that they will robustly resist any future attempts by developers to overturn the current planning proposal.”