Success: Health Fair Found "Useful and Informative"

I'm so pleased that today's Health Fair went well and was well attended. Residents told me that they found the event "useful" and "informative" which was fantastic to hear. 

Thank you to all the stall holders who gave up their time to offer support and advice to residents on a range of topics. A full list of organisations can be found at the bottom of this page. 

The Health Fair offered a number of stalls that could offer expert information on long term and serious illness, alongside stalls offering support for mental health and well being. We were also joined by local exercise and leisure clubs that help people keep fit and active.  

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with stall holders about their area of expertise and learning more about rare, serious and long term illnesses and how to live a healthier life.

I am pleased that the Government is committed to ensuring mental and physical health are treated with parity, and I aimed to make my Health Fair reflect this goal. More help for mental health is a key part of My Plan for our area and I was pleased to be able to connect residents with support groups and expert advice. 

I hope all those who attended came away with new information about how to stay fit, keep healthy, and how to access support and guidance when required.  

I met Lydia, a 9 year old girl who sadly has EDS. She is so brave and fights on through her pain. She has written me a letter and I have promised her I will take her comments to the Minister for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock. I am committed to raising the awareness of Ehlers-Danlos to ensure all those living with EDS can access diagnosis and the support that they need.




Thank you to:

Cancer Research UK
The MarketPlace leeds
Morley Fire Station
Brahma Kumaria (Meditation) 
Diabetes UK
Equine Pathways UK 
Morley Elderly Action
The Alzheimer's Society
Guide Dogs UK
Morley Leisure Centre
The Royal British Legion 

Thank you also to organisations that were unable to attend themselves, but sent fantastic material for residents to read:

 MRSA Action
ReThink Mental Illness