Save Ouchthorpe Lane Green Belt

It was fantastic to meet up with residents today to save our local green spaces. Stopping over development is a key part of My Plan for our local area and residents in WF1 will likely have received my leaflet regarding the development proposals at Ouchorpe Lane.

I am working with residents in Newton Hill and Outwood to save the last part of Green Belt land within the WF1 postcode from the development of 500 houses off Ouchthorpe Lane. I will continue to stand with residents to defeat these plans and I have written to the council, urging them to prioritise the many brownfield sites that are avaliable across Wakefield and reject this proposal. We must protect our green spaces, especially whilst brownfield sites are readily available.

The council must start listening to the views of the people it is supposed to represent. I would like to invite you to sign the online petition against this proposal, promoted by local residents, at the following link:….

It is important that we defeat this proposal, we must work together as a community to preserve the Green Belt for future generations and avoid additional traffic, pollution, impacts on local services and many other potential issues.