Morley Observer: Transport is a key part of My Plan for Morley

Transport is a key part of My Plan for Morley and surrounding towns and villages. I am committed to fighting to improve transport for residents across Morley and Outwood. This means improving both our roads for motorists and our public transport for commuters who rely on bus and train services to get to work on time.

In my goal to improve bus travel in our area, I recently held another of my regular Bus Surgeries on Queen Street, Morley. Many of you may have seen the double-decker bus parked up outside my Morley office and I would like to thank everybody who stopped and chatted with me, raising transport issues and commenting on current affairs! I would also like to thank First Bus, Arriva, Bus Users UK and West Yorkshire Combined Authority for coming along and listening to concerns raised by residents.

In order to improve train travel for the many commuters in Morley, I am continuing to fight for improvements to Morley Train Station. Following a meeting I held with Northern Rail in February 2017, it was announced that upgrades to the station, such as new seating and the installation of ticket machines, will be completed by 2017-2018.I have recently written to the managing director of Northern Rail regarding these planned upgrades to the station, requesting an update  on their progress. I know that many residents would find a ticket machine in particular to be a considerable improvement to their commute and hope these upgrades are delivered as soon as possible.

I also know how vital it is to support drivers. They help people, particularly the most vulnerable ones, in their daily mobility, taking them to school, work, shopping and to GP appointments. To make progress in ensuring our roads are kept in a good condition, I have launched a pothole patrol line (07383339411), on which residents can WhatsApp me pictures and details of potholes, which I will raise directly with the Highway Department within the Council in order to get them repaired.

I have also written to the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, regarding the installation of ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ signs at the boundaries around our fantastic county. I, like so many Yorkshiremen and women, am proud of our region and love to celebrate our distinctive culture, our remarkable achievements and our bright future.

Going forward, I am seeking to organise another meeting with Chris Grayling with other Yorkshire MPs in order to discuss the levels of transport investment into our region. The Northern Powerhouse can thrive, rebalancing the economy and leading the way in the 21st century, if we are better equipped with the transport infrastructure to drive the economy. We must ensure our region does not fail to grasp these opportunities, with investments in HS2, the M62 and the M1 and with local bus and trains for hardworking commuters.

As always, if residents have any issues that they feel I can be of assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact me on: Andrea.Jenkyns.MP@Parliament.UK