Morley Observer: Fighting to improve transport for commuters

Improving transport for our commuters and for the community is one of the key commitments of my plan for Morley. I am fighting to improve our roads, our rail, and our bus services for the residents in our local area.

Following meetings I have held with local stakeholders and Transport ministers over the years, I recently wrote to the Managing Director of Northern Rail, asking for an update on the promised improvements to Morley Railway Station. Following my letters, a new ticket machine has finally been installed at Morley. This will be a considerable improvement for commuters and residents travelling, saving them precious time at their arrival to their destination.

Further improvements are also promised, including lengthening the platforms to accommodate longer trains for our area, helping to ensure passengers can get to work on time and help to alleviate current issues with the rail transport network.

I visited the station and spoke with some users: they were all pleased by the improvements but raised concerns over the number of delays and cancellations. During the last visit of the Secretary of State for Transport to Morley and Outwood earlier this autumn, he assured me that there will be bigger and modern trains on our line shortly. I will keep the pressure on to secure better trains and to have them on time.

Another important issue for my constituents is fighting crime. Like residents, I couldn’t be prouder of our Police officers. They, particularly at this busy time of year, regularly put themselves in very difficult circumstances and are away from their loved ones, to protect us and our communities. I believe we must ensure that they have the numbers, the equipment, and the training they need to continue to keep criminals off our streets.

I have raised concerns with the Government about police numbers. I told the Minister for Policing that the people of Morley and Outwood want to see more police officers on the streets. I was pleased that the Government has taken steps that ensure an additional £460 million of investment for the police system, including another £9.9 million for West Yorkshire.

A central commitment in my plan for Morley and Outwood is to hold local authorities to account. With this increased investment, the Police and Crime Commissioner for our area has said he will recruit more than 140 additional police officers and staff. This is welcome; however, we must ensure an increase in police visibility comes quickly in order to catch criminals and deter anti-social behaviour cases in particular.

I have launched a petition on my website so that constituents can back my campaign to fight crime in our area. Since I posted the petition online, signatures have already started to build up from local residents. With more signatures, the pressure on national and local authorities, such as the Police and Crime Commissioner, to deliver on their promises will increase and we will see the positive impacts of the Government’s increased investments more immediately. You can sign up to this campaign on my website at the following link:

As we approach Christmas, I would like to extend my best wishes to you all. From my family to yours, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As always, if believe I can be of assistance with any issue, question, or concern, please do not hesitate to contact me by emailing: Andrea.Jenkyns.MP@Parliament.UK