Morley Ob: 2019 will be a historic year for our great country

Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. I hope you all had a great Christmas and had fun!

At this time of year we often make New Year Resolutions, as a dedicated pet owner and vegetarian for many years I have decided to join the Veganuary campaign to be Vegan for a month. This ought to help with my diet, but also will help to reduce animal suffering which is something many residents contact me about. This will be helped, I’m sure, by the new vegan sausage rolls being sold by my first employer, Greggs the bakers!

This is also a time that we look ahead on the year with fresh hopes and aspirations. 2019 will be a historic year for our great country, the year we leave the European Union. As many of you will undoubtedly know, I am a passionate Brexiteer and was so pleased when a majority of 1.3 million British people, including 60% of our local area, voted to leave the EU.

In just a few months, on March 29th at 11PM, I hope to be celebrating Britain’s independence from the burdensome, undemocratic, and frankly often nonsensical institutions of the European Union. What started as a trade bloc has become an all-encompassing web of organisations that seem only to serve to further pull power away from national Governments and towards the unelected bureaucrats living lavish lifestyles in Brussels.

I receive a high level of emails and letters each day, and overwhelmingly residents tell me that the United Kingdom is big enough, and strong enough, to stand on our own two feet and be a fully sovereign nation. I look forward to this bright future, as I believe in Britain and know our best days are ahead of us. I will continue to fight to ensure the Government delivers a true Brexit and that Britain strives forward as a global free trading nation.

I am also encouraged that following the meeting I led between Yorkshire MPs and the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, police funding has been increased further by almost £1bn. One of the key parts of my plan for our area is ensuring local authorities deliver, and alongside residents, I will keep up the pressure on the Police and Crime Commissioner to ensure we see results to help fight crime and anti-social behaviour.

In 2019, I hope this funding is deployed to effectively support the brave men and women of our police force who help to keep our streets safe. I would also like to thank them for their hard work over the festive period. Families across our local area were able to enjoy a safe and happy Christmas thanks to their service to our community and we are forever in their debt.

If you ever have an issue, concern, or question that you feel I can be of assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact me via: Andrea.Jenkyns.MP@Parliament.UK.

I hope you share in my optimism for the year ahead. When we strive towards our goals together we can achieve great things, maybe I’ll even stick to my diet!