Morley & District Press: We're Taking the North Forward

One of the most difficult things for people living with a pet is to find a house that allows them to keep animals when renting. Only 7% of advertisings for properties on rent is pet-friendly. As an animal lover and a pet owner myself, I was extremely happy to see that the Government has announced a change in the model tenancy contracts for renters, used as the basis of lease agreements made with tenants. Now, it will be revised to remove restrictions on well behaved pets, allowing more people to move to a new house with their furry friends.

Being back in Westminster after spending the Christmas break in my constituency, I have been able to witness how the Government is planning to bring the country forward. I pressured the Treasury to change its funding rules, so it can boost productivity in the North with investment in infrastructures, reducing the inequalities in our local transport. Having campaigned for transport improvements since before my election in 2015, I am aware of the challenges faced by commuters in our local area. I therefore welcome the announcement made by Grant Shapps, the Transport Minister, that Northern might risk to having their franchise removed if they don’t radically improve their current standards. I am keen to see further projects in our area, from a coherent local transport with higher capacity in Leeds, to better connectivity between northern regions. While I agree that HS2 should be reviewed to see if the project is cost-effective, I believe the Government should go forward with the Northern Powerhouse Railway, HS3, the new line connecting Liverpool and Manchester with Leeds, with more train and faster travel.

Road safety is another priority of the Government, which in the summer has released 74 actions to improve the current situation. Unfortunately, in our area as in the rest of the country, we suffer every year the death of drivers and pedestrians due to road accidents. This week, I have submitted a petition to Leeds City Council on behalf of the residents of King George Avenue, in Morley. They are complaining about speeding and are concerned about their safety when leaving their homes by car or on foot. Speeding traffic also have a negative impact on their lives because of noise pollution, that for many means disturbed sleep. This is been made worse by the planning permission granted to build new houses on Daisy Hill, which increased traffic. I am on the side of the residents that have decided to take action and to ask for a permanent solution to speeding on their road.

Finally, at the end of the month, we will be finally leaving the European Union. I have consistently fought for Brexit during my tenure as an MP, and even before, by campaigning for a referendum. I have approached local stakeholders to together hold a Brexit day celebration in Morley for the 31st January, to hear our bells ring out at 11pm from our beautiful Town Hall. It will be an opportunity to come together for all those proud to be British and to celebrate the many opportunities that the future will bring to us. We are looking for bands and street food sellers, therefore please email me at if interested.