Morley & District Press: I'm Proud to Fight for Local Causes

My article in today's Morley and District Press:

A General Election has been called for Thursday 12th December. After years of Remain MPs having tried to overturn the referendum result, I welcome the opportunity to renew Parliament, to break the deadlock and finally get Brexit done.

60% of Morley and Outwood voted to leave the EU and I was proud to be one of them. More people voted to leave the EU than have ever voted for anything else in our long history, and did so by a majority of 1.3 million people. Since then, I have shared in the frustration residents have expressed to me, that Parliament have been forcing delay after delay to respecting the referendum result. At every opportunity, I have made the case for a deal that opens the door to a sovereign and prosperous future.

I know this paralysis cannot go on, and I am keen to sit in a House of Commons that can get Brexit done – only a Conservative majority can achieve that.

If I am re-elected on December 12th, I know voters in our area want Brexit delivered, but also for the Government to get on with its exciting and positive domestic agenda that matches the people’s priorities. The Conservatives will keep our economy strong so that we can continue to invest in our NHS, invest in our police, and invest in our schools.

The General Election offers a stark choice, between a Conservative party investing in public services, getting Brexit done, and moving our great country forward, or the Labour Party’s support of a second referendum and the Liberal Democrats’ policy to revoke Brexit altogether.

However, more important and immediate is this time of year, where we pause to reflect and remember the brave men and women who have laid down their lives while serving our country.

On Saturday, I once again joined the amazing local poppy sellers in Morrison’s to help sell poppies and raise money for the Royal British Legion. I also sang in the Poppy Appeal Launch Concert on Saturday evening in Morley Town Hall. Every year, communities throughout the local area come out and support the Poppy Appeal and I am always overwhelmed by their generosity. Last year the Poppy Appeal raised £57,500 in our area alone, and I know 2019 will be another amazing year.

Today, Parliament will officially ‘dissolve’ and there will be no MPs for the duration of the election period. However, I am contacted regularly by a large number of residents and know that many rely on my help in relation to important casework. I will continue to be of assistance and do everything within my power to help residents with their problems.

As there are no longer any MPs, please refrain from contacting my usual email address. If you are seeking my help during the election period, please contact me on: Residents can still write to me at: 62 Queen Street, Morley, LS27 9BP.

I am proud to represent this community and fight for local causes. Over the past four years, in addition to my Parliamentary duties and visiting local schools, businesses, and community groups, I have heard from countless residents on a wide range of topics, from housing, visas, planning, transport, bins, and everything in between. I will always do my upmost to assist you. I would like to thank residents for trusting me to represent their interests and I hope to continue to do so if re-elected.