Local Development Framework (LDF) meeting

Planning issues are still on-going and this week I have been to several meetings regarding such matters. The constituency comes under the jurisdiction of two local authorities; both of which the Labour Party have the majority. I have had two meetings regarding the Local Development Framework (LDF) and the councils proposals to build 8000 homes in the area which is predominantly on greenbelt land.

Understandably this is causing major concerns for residents, especially as the infrastructure is not in place and would make Morley the size of Harrogate, yet without even having a hospital. There is also a proposal to extend a travellers site onto greenbelt land. I attended a public hearing regarding this issue, where nearly 100 people attended the meeting. It is certainly good to see so many passionate people coming together for what they believe in.

I have continued to meet with The Friends of Outwood Park and plans for a dog show are well under way. I am incredibly lucky to be in an area with so many great parks.