Extra Investment for Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust 

I have recently received a letter from Mr Stephen Hammond MP, the Minister of State for Health. 

I am pleased that within the letter, Mr Hammond outlined that the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is to receive £1,600,000 extra funding as part of investment in technology roll-out to cut medical errors. 

This forms part of a £78 million investment to roll out electronic prescribing technology which was announced in February 2018. This will help make encouraging improvements to the NHS as the new systems will build up a complete electronic record, ensuring rapid access to potentially lifesaving information on medicines, and crucially can reduce potentially deadly medication errors by up to 50% compared to paper systems. 

The Secretary of State, Matt Hancock, has made making better and more effective use of technologies one of his key priorities to help save lives. I am pleased that by implementing e-prescribing systems in the Mid Yorkshire Trust, patients will benefit from safer prescriptions and trusts will save money by avoiding costly medication errors. These key benefits will help to support the NHS in becoming one of the most advanced, effective, and safe healthcare systems in the world.