Constituency office involved in 'Come in and rest' initiative

Andrea's office in Morley is participating in the “Come in and rest” initiative, launched by Age Friendly Leeds.

Public offices, libraries, theatres, businesses, stores and other locations are displaying yellow stickers on their doors, inviting passers-by to ring their bell and have a seat.

This initiative, which aims to provide resting places for elderly and vulnerable pedestrians, is inspired by similar projects pioneered in Manchester and Nottingham. The organisations involved have put a sticker in their windows inviting older people to stop and rest if they feel tired. It is hoped that this will encourage more people to feel comfortable making a journey to the town centre.

Commenting on the initiative, Andrea said: “Many of vulnerable people may be hesitant to wander far from their homes, if they don’t have a warm place where they can rest if needed without feeling obligated to make a purchase, particularly during this cold season.”

“This scheme encourages communities to help the those who need a break when they are tired or the weather conditions are too severe. I hope many other businesses and offices in the Morley High Street will get involved in the initiative: it has no costs and it offers an extraordinary contribution to the wellbeing of residents and visitors.”