Westminster News

Andrea Praises the Royal British Legion

Between meetings in Parliament, Andrea visited the Parliamentary Reception for the Royal British Legion. 

Andrea met with members of the Royal British Legion and praised them for all their work in raising funds to help members of the armed forces, veterans, and their families.

Andrea Makes Speech to the Politeia Think Tank

Andrea was pleased to speak at Politeia, a UK based think tank analysing economic, constitutional & social policy, during the event in Parliament. The topic was Brexit and Beyond- Unfinished Business. 

Andrea Chairs a Patient Safety Conference

I was very pleased to chair a patient safety conference in conjunction with Omnicell UK,the UK's leading provider of medication adherence packaging, hospital automated technology and robotic pharmacy systems. 

My Week In Westminster

It was a busy week in Westminster this week. On Monday I took the opportunity to raise the issue of the Outwood Memorial Hall to the Home Secretary.

Andrea hands Michael Gove her Puppy Smuggling Petition

Andrea has held a very constructive meeting with the Secretary of State for the Department of Food, Agriculture, and Rural Affairs to hand over a constituency petition, signed by many residents, to demand action on puppy smuggling.

Andrea Supports Proxy Voting

Members of Parliament shouldn't have to chose between their children and representing their constituents.

Andrea recalls having to drag Clifford, then weeks old, across the country in order to vote many times and therefore she support proxy voting.