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Wakefield Express: Nothing Must Limit Our Potential To Succeed

Much has been said this week about the Government’s UK Internal Market Bill, which seeks to clarify some inconsistencies with the EU’s position towards the Withdrawal Agreement. I want to say firstly, I totally support the Government on this matter, and here is why.

Andrea Hosts Patient Safety Webinar

Today it was an honour to chair the webinar “Patient Safety and Embracing Technology” alongside Omnicell & patient safety representatives for an online interactive discussion on embracing technology to reduce medication errors.

Andrea Opens New School Building in Outwood

I am immensely proud to have helped to officially open the new school building at the fantastic Outwood Primary Academy Ledger Lane today.

The amazing team here do great work & pupils will continue to thrive in these new classrooms

Andrea Welcomes Support for Local Cafes

An amazing 60,000 meals were discounted in Morley & Outwood from 67 registered establishments!

Great to see residents supporting our amazing local cafes & restaurants in a COVID secure way.

Andrea Visits TOPs Fitness in Outwood

Fantastic to visit Tops Fitness and Rehabilitation in Outwood again today to see how they've adapted

Great to see a one way system, increased waiting space, and hygiene stations are helping TOPs to run all their usual services for local people

Andrea Visits Local Livery Stables

Met today with industry experts to discuss the challenges facing livery stables across the UK and here in East Ardsley. Pleased to see high animal welfare standards upheld here!

Andrea Delivers Speeding Petition

Enjoying the sunshine as I help Peter from Drighlington deliver petitions calling for traffic calming measures around the village

Great to chat to residents, at a safe distance, on the doorstep again

Andrea Thanks Local Royal Mail Team

A pleasure to visit Royal Mail in Morley this morning to thank the hardworking team here for everything they've done during this difficult time